What I offer

Organisation at heart

  • Consult in transformational change processes in organisations
  • Design development strategy and integration processes
  • Design and develop leadership portfolios
  • Facilitate global competence and leadership development programmes
  • Design and facilitate big group intervention processes
  • Design and perform learning facilitation workshops
  • Keynote speaker & lecturer

 Let people come together and let them work in collaborative and effective ways. Support them to be the best versions of themselves and empower them to take their collective responsibility.”

Team at heart

  • Design and facilitate management team interventions
  • Design and facilitate team and work group interventions
  • Design and instruct team facilitator training programs
  • Design and teach learning processes for facilitators, coaches and mentors

 It is about having meaningful conversations of real matters. To be in a process of thinking, feeling, doing and wanting from an open heart. It is about coming together to explore, share and learn together.”

Individual at heart

Coaching for:

  • Personal development
  • Leadership
  • Career
  • Life
  • Innovation

Mentoring for:

  • Leaders
  • Students
  • Trainers and facilitators within competence & development

 How you live is how you lead.”

I have a broad network of other external consultants that I collaborate with – all of them with unique expertise within their respective field.