Insights from clients worldwide:

Mette has a unique ability to be very competent and professional both on strategic level (as Head of Leadership in IKEA) and on operational and individual level (as coach or facilitator). She is excellent in team development, both on facilitating the development in a team herself and to educate others how to do it. Besides her competence and professional manner, she is also a very warm and genuine person. I can highly recommend Mette for all assignments connected to leadership, team or organisational development.”

Magnus F NilssonHR manager at IKEA Group

Mette has been a great support and coach in my own leadership as well as in facilitating team development. Mette is a professional, personal and very connected coach. I highly recommend her.”

Martin HanssonMember of an executive board, global retailing, Germany

Mette Sandahl has changed the course of my life!

I started working with Mette in the summer of 2016 to assess my personal development and strengthen the international organisation I was leading.

I am intrigued by Mette’s ability to be brutally honest, sharp and to the point, while showing empathy, when pointing out and challenging hinders and opportunities for organisational and personal development. Mette is present and attentive when she identifies pain points and areas of improvement through her coaching and when ensuring the implementation and follow-through.

Mette Sandahl doesn’t hesitate to share from her personal life, providing depth, connection and relevance to her mentee. Mette’s enthusiastic personality is contagious; always making me feeling embraced, uplifted and invigorated when working together. Her personality fills the room in an enjoyable supporting way.

I recommend leaders and organisations who are serious about change management and development to work with Mette Sandahl. Mette will facilitate, lead and coach you, provide strength and support where needed to reach the result you may not know that you needed. You can count on Mette to bring you beyond the finish line, just like she did with me.”

Joakim RosanderPart-owner, CircleBet, Sweden

I have come away with many ideas about how I can transform our team and support others to do the same. To date, I believe this to be the best training I have ever attended and am feeling extremely excited and energized from it.”

HR manager and facilitator, international business, UK

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