Insights from clients worldwide:

During a very challenging transformation journey I got Mette as a coach. With a firm and steady hand she lead me through the transformational red tape to get to the core of what I really wanted to do, and from feeling stuck and actually wanting to leave Mette showed me how to find my own path in the midst of company turmoil. To challenge my own mindset was the most difficult task but with Mette’s support and tools I dared to try new things. It actually led both to a new mindset and a new position!”

You know what’s so cool about having the chance to work with Mette? It’s that she is real, present in all her senses, here for you, like a safe haven and gets you to work. We all know that all answers are within ourselves. But we either don’t know how to reach them or are sometimes too busy to do that. And Mette is here, holds the “mirror” in front of you all the time, helps you connect the dots and keeps you on track, towards something, so that you don’t lose yourself in this inner exploration.

 It was a pleasure to talk to an external consultant who could listen unconventionally to frustrations connected to the big change. We were met with necessary understanding and acceptance to be able to focus on the future. Mette was able to create the necessary trust to open up, be proactive and see the possibility. She asked good questions which was helpful to remove the fear connected to the uncertainty.”

The sessions with Mette helped us listen to more voices and the team members feel much more secure to express their view. We have also clearly increased our listening skills.
One big thing for me is that the group dynamics and our behaviors have made it easy to welcome two new members into our team – the feedback from both of them is clear in terms of how welcomed they felt.
A big insight for me is that an empowered team is getting so much more done on behalf of our total organization. I feel that we are much more “we” and we take care of what we do and that has helped to brand the entire organization.
I am very happy that we went through this journey.
Besides her competence and professional manner, she is also a very warm and genuine person.”

Mette has been a great support and coach in my own leadership as well as in facilitating team development. Mette is a professional, personal and very connected coach. I highly recommend her.”

I have chosen to include the “Koru” in my logo since it is the symbol of new beginnings, growth, peace and harmony.