What I have a heart in doing

I support and empower organisations, teams and individuals to grow their full potential.

Bringing my heart, skills and knowledge from more than 20 years of international experience in this field, I contribute to building new awareness and competence to work in more agile and effective, collaborative and purposeful ways.

I work with executive management teams and other teams to become high-performing, healthy, viable, and adaptive to change. I coach and mentor people to take on their own leadership and become great leaders. I share my experience by building workshops for team facilitators, coaches and mentors.

In close collaboration with my clients, I design and perform organisational development processes. These are unique to the specific needs of the organisation.

I work context-based to let wisdom, new learning and unlearning grow in people’s own reality and in their daily business. I combine research-based theory, tools and processes with a hands-on approach and practical application.

Mette Sandahl

 I am a driven by my curiosity and passion for people. I believe that every meeting with another human being serves us the opportunity to co-create, learn and grow.”

I find true happiness when collaborating with people. Every interaction is an opportunity to learn and to grow. Personally and collectively.